Gaz Métro Head Office certified LEED CI Silver

The environment is one of the key priorities for Gaz Métro, which obtained it's LEED CI Silver certification for the renovation of its head office.

The head office of Gaz Méro has been certified LEED CI -Silver for the renovations it conducted to its head office. Obtaining this certification makes Gaz Métro a leader in the field of responsible construction and of sustainable development in Canada. 

Several changes were made to increase the efficiency of heating and air conditioning, including the installation of high energy-efficiency natural gas heating appliances and the modernization of the air conditioning. Below are some of the modifications that were made
to the heating system:

  • High efficiency hot water boilers;
  • Speed regulators wherever needed;
  • Lighting controls;
  • Fresh air for recovering and generating iced water
    for the north building;
  • Peripheral heating in the south building, with convectors to provide a greater temperature differential;
  • Air distribution controls;
  • Heat recovery through a rotary heat exchanger and highly
    adjustable supplementary heating in the north building.

These measures have resulted in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 1,000 tonnes a year and in generating annual savings of $103,000.