Condensing unit heater

Thanks to their optimal heat diffusion, condensing unit heaters can rapidly heat large spaces.

A natural gas unit heater suspended from the ceiling heats air with natural gas in a heat exchanger and a fan blows the heated air directly into the space, either horizontally or vertically. This appliance offers the highest efficiency since it recuperates heat from combustion gases.

The major difference between a conventional and a condensing unit heater is the surface of the heat exchanger, which is larger in the condensing appliance. A condensing unit heater can achieve an efficiency rating of close to 93%.

The program is aimed at:

  • Owners and managers of warehouses, manufacturing companies and industrials;
  • Owners and managers of buildings who wish to connect their building to the natural gas system;
  • Owners and managers of buildings targeted by a Gaz Métro system extension project.

Condensing space heating is an economical and modern solution for heating warehouses of all sizes and dimensions.

Financial incentive

Fixed amount of financial assistance of $1,000 per appliance installed. To find out which unit heater is eligible contact your Gaz Métro Authorized Partner or your sales representative. To take advantage of this financial assistance, you must sign a contract with your sales representative or your Gaz Métro Authorized Partner. The total amount of financial assistance can't exceed the total amount of eligible  expenses. The financial assistance is subject to change without prior notice.