A touch of blue makes all the difference for business people and their dynamic companies and institutions.

Centre Regain de vie

"With natural gas, we save $3,000 a year on heating."

Fredette Pneus et Mécanique

"According to my calculations, the investment should pay for itself within four to five years. That's a real bargain!"

Groupe Dayan

"We made significant savings on our heating costs thanks to the new Gaz Métro system — in fact, we saved close to $95,000."


"Our family owns close to two hundred buildings.  You could say heating bills are on our mind!"

Ricardo Tarquinio

A few years ago, Ricardo Tarquinio bought his first house. He and two of his friends renovated, leased and then sold it so they could buy another house. A few years later, the three partners decided to buy a rental property.

Buanderie Blanchelle

"With Gaz Métro, we’ve been very satisfied with the service and with their fast response to our requests and our particular needs. Natural gas helps us significantly cut costs compared with oil or electricity."

Château Bellevue

"I needed to determine what would be the best source of energy to meet my company’s specific needs. An energy specialist recommended natural gas beacuse the hot water was autonomous in case of an electrical outage. Given the comfort and safety that it brings to our residents, we’re convinced we made the right choice."

Coiffure Bellini

"With natural gas, I would say I'm saving around $400 a month.  That's at least 30% off my bill. I'm very satisfied.  At Refrigération Yvan Allison, I got some very good advice.  It was great.  They took care of everything, even the grants."

Rive-Gauche Housing Cooperative

"Every year, we have Lucien Coté & Fils do the inspection and maintenance on our furnaces. They advised us not to wait to modernize our heating system and suggested have energy savings of 20%."

Robert Paquette Autobus & Fils

"I would say that with natural gas, we are saving between 25 and 30% annually.  The plumber was a tremendous help.  He took care of the grants and gave us excellent advice.  We trusted him and it really paid off.  We are extremely satisfied."

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