Financial Aid

Benefit from additionnal financial assistance covering up to 30%* on the purchase and installation cost of efficient equipment!

When you opt for high-efficiency natural gas equipment, you can receive financial aid on the cost and installation of the equipment.  Find out more about our different energy efficiency programs

Example of financial assistance**


Example 1
Retail business
Roof top unit

Example 2
Apartment building
Intermediate energy efficiency boiler (85%)

Area (Sq. ft.)



Natural gas consumption (m3)



Equipment cost 



Financial aid 

- $4,000 

- $8,100 

Total cost* 



Annual savings**
- compared to electricity
- compared to fuel oil 



Contact your Gaz Métro representative or your Gaz Métro Authorized Partner to find out if your project is admissible as well as the amount of financial aid for which it would qualify.

*Offer subject to change without prior notice. Certain conditions apply. The amount of  financial incentive is determined according to the expected consumption of natural gas, the type of equipment to be installed and the total investment. Signing of a 5 year natural gas contract is required.  Eligibility criteria are foreseen in the texts of the Rebate Consumption Program approved by the Régie de l'énergie and a copy can be transmitted on request. Eligibility criteria for the Global Energy Efficiency Plan are detailed for each program in the energy efficiency section of this site.

**  If the estimated volume is lower than 10,950 m3/year and your building is located on the gas grid, a financial contribution is required for its connection to the natural gas distribution network.  It will be invoiced in the form of interest-free instalments of $12,50 (before taxes) for a period of 24 months. Annual savings are calculated with the real costs of fuel oil and electricity for the period of May 2011 until April 2012.  The roof top unit has an efficiency of 80%. Each building and installation represents unique characteristics and the demand must be evaluated individually in order to determine the total investment and the amount of financial aid available. 

Desjardins Energy-Efficiency Loan

Desjardins designed the Energy-Efficiency Loan for businesses who want to modernize their equipment and buildings in order to reduce their energy bill and greenhouse gas emissions.

The Desjardins Energy-Efficiency Loan supports businesses committed to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and is intended for entrepreneurs benefiting from financial support from government authorities and energy companies such as Gas Métro.

How to get this product

Make an appointment with an advisor at a caisse or with an accoung manager at a Desjardins Business Centre.

For more information: Desjardins.

Contact 1 800 563-1314 for more information or fill out our detailed form for a free evaluation. No purchase necessary.