Fixed Price Natural Gas

Choose the Fixed Price for Budget Stability

The natural gas bill is composed of five services: natural gas supply, compressor fuel, transportation, load balancing and distribution. The only two services that are subject to monthly price variations, the natural gas supply and the compressor fuel, can be stabilized with the fixed price service.If you are looking for budget stability then the fixed price service is for you.

The Fixed Price Service

The fixed price supply service is offered by natural gas suppliers. You can choose between the variable price offered by Gaz Métro or the fixed price.
The fixed price service can meet your need for financial stability since it targets the two most volatile services of your gas bill. You'll know in advance what price you'll pay for the natural gas supply and the compressor fuel. It can be compared to a fixed-rate mortgage.

The main objective of the fixed price service is budget stability and not making savings.

Who can Benefit from the Fixed Price Service?

This service is offered to customers, like you, who consume a minimum of 7,500 m³ and a maximum of 1,168,000 m³ per year.

How does it Work?

  • You agree on a price and terms with the participating supplier of your choice and sign an undertaking document. Gaz Métro receives a copy of this document and buys the natural gas on your behalf from the participating supplier for your agreed-upon price and term.
  • Gaz Métro then bills you for the natural gas at the price you agreed upon for the term of the agreement, without any extra charges. It takes 60 days to implement this service after Gaz Métro receives the undertaking document.
  • If the participating supplier cannot meet its commitments, the client will revert automatically to Gaz Métro's variable price because the fixed price service is not guaranteed by Gaz Métro.

    To consult the participating suppliers list.
    Consult the monthly prices of natural gas.
    Consult your Gaz Métro commercial representative, if you have further questions.

Questions and Answers on Fixed Price Natural Gas