Green Building

Gas technologies are just as advantageous as geothermal in a sustainable development strategy

Green Certification 

Despite methodological distinctions and differences in criteria between the various certifications, certification is an undeniable asset for any building. In fact, a green building sets itself apart for its design, construction and management that comply with high energy and environmental performance, even social standards. It shows the importance mangers accord to the environment and is proof of their contribution.  LEED certification, the one most recognized in North America,  is gaining ground in Québec.

Can points be obtained under Energy and Atmosphere if the project uses natural gas? The answer is: YES!

A natural gas condensation boiler alone helps achieve almost one-third of the savings threshold required by LEED. The advantage that natural gas has over electricity relates to the reference building used by the accredited computer simulator. The simulator uses an efficiency of 100% if the reference building is electric, whereas if the reference building uses natural gas, the efficiency is 80%. Installing a natural gas condensation boiler with an efficiency of 90% automatically generates a gain in efficiency of 12% in terms of the energy needed for heating, that is, between 6-8% of the building’s total energy consumption.  

Is geothermal a more advantageous solution than natural gas for your LEED project?  Not always!

A study commissioned by Gaz Métro and the EEF, carried out by engineering consulting firm Bouthillette Parizeau, shows that conventional gas technologies, combined with heat recovery systems, compares advantageously to a solution that uses geothermal exclusively, integrated with an all-electric solution. The study covered simulations of 3 or 4 typical cases – a CHSLD, an office building, and a mixed-use building. Its results show that you can easily obtain LEED points and achieve significant annual energy savings with natural gas. Natural gas is a competitive source of energy. And it has been meeting electricity head-on for the last 10 years.

Take advantage of financial assistance from Gaz Métro for your LEED project

Take advantage of the financial assistance offered by Gaz Métro’s energy efficiency programs to purchase efficient appliances, to conduct a feasibility study, implement efficiency measures ant to optimize the rest of your building.

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