Efficient appliances Advantages Financial assistance*

Condensing boiler

90%+ efficiency
Features greater heat recovery from combustion at the boiler heat exchanger.

Ideal solution for energy performance.  LEED projects, for example.

$900 to $25,000

Intermediate energy-efficiency boiler

85%+ efficiency
Designed for improved heat exchange between combustion gases and water or steam to be heater.

Fast uniform heat for heating spaces.

$600 to $10,000

Infrared heating unit

Ceiling mounted unit for radiant heat.  Infrared heats people and objects, not the surrounding air.

A quick, economical solution for heating large spaces, warehouses and garages.

$200 to 500 $

Condensing unit heater

90%+ efficiency
Stand alone unit with a burner and heat exchanger that produces hot air for space heating.

Energy savings with high efficiency condensing unit heaters.


*Certain conditions apply.


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