Protect yourself

Guarantee : essential protection

A new home allows you to best meet your needs in terms of design. It offers you unmatched energy performance and, most importantly, guarantees.

In accordance with a governmental decree adopted in 1999, residential buildings come with a mandatory guarantee—called the Plan de garantie des bâtiments résidentiels neufs—which is managed by administrators who are recognized by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ). “ This guarantee is largely inspired by what we have been doing for the last 25 years,” explains the director general of the Association provinciale des constructeurs d'habitations du Québec (APCHQ), Bruno Nantel. The Association de la construction du Québec (ACQ) also offers a plan, the Housing Quality Guarantee.

These guarantees offer the same coverage and are aimed at most housing types, excluding multi-family buildings with six apartments or more, which are not owned by a non-lucrative organization or co-operative; incombustible co-ownership (with a steel or concete structure) with five or more superposed units; existing buildings that became co-ownerships; houses for which the future resident acts as a contractor.

The guarantee provides for a $30,000 deposit reimbursement in case of bankruptcy or contractor insolvency. However, it does not protect the debt due from those who took part in the construction.

In the event that the delivery of the house is delayed and is attributable to the contractor, the buyer will be refunded up to $5,000 in moving, storage and relocation costs.

The buyers benefit from one-year protection against faulty work, three years against hidden defects, and five years against construction defects. This guarantee continues to be valid if property owners change.

The contractor can generally answer any questions that the new owners may have. However, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation's owner's manual continues to be a source of clear and concise information. You can access it at the following address: .