ENERGY STAR® windows program

Get a rebate on the purchase of high efficiency windows and patio doors qualified ENERGY STAR®.

ENERGY STAR® windows and patio doors offer superior energy efficiency to standard windows and patio doors. They also contribute to maintaining the comfort of your home throughout the year. They reduce noise from outdoors and, depending on the humidity level in your home, are far less subject to condensation in cold weather. Replace your windows by ENERGY STAR® qualified windows and opt for superior quality. Visit the Natural Resources Canada website to consult the list of qualified products, or click on the list below to be automatically directed to the website or to download the list of skylights in Excel.

For optimal energy efficiency, Gaz Métro recommends calling on professional help, since faulty installation may be at the root of air or water infiltration problems or poor functioning.

The program's target audience

The program is addressed at Gaz Métro customers who own or rent a single-family home, a duplex, triplex or condo, whose principal heating is natural gas. Excluded from the program are:

  • Customers with a dual-energy heating system
  • Customers whose home has a heat pump
  • Windows for a new building
  • Customers who are participating in another fincancial assistance program for the purchase and installation of the same ENERGY STAR® qualified windows and patio doors.

Financial incentive

Gaz Métro is offering you financial assistance toward the purchase of new, high energy efficiency ENERGY STAR® certified windows and/or patio doors for the climate zone where you live.
There are two climate zones for Gaz Métro customers in Québec (Zones B and C).

 Climate Zone Financial Assistance*  Maximum
$6 per square feet  $600 
$10 per square feet  $1,000 
1 Only one rebate per home or unit.
Homes with a heat pump or with a dual-energy heating system are not eligible for this program.
Program subject to change without prior notice.

Steps to follow

Gaz Métro will pay you an incentive in order to facilitate your purchase of ENERGY STAR qualified windows and patio doors and to reduce the difference in cost between this efficient product and standard product. 

To take advantage of this financial assistance, you must:

Step 1: Complete and return the Notice of intent to Gaz Métro before the purchase and installation of your windows and/or patio doors; otherwise, you may not be eligible for the financial assistance.

Step 2: Complete and submit the Request for Participation Form  for the ENERGY STAR® Qualified Windows Program, accompanied by supporting documents, either the detailed bills or the temporaty ENERGY STAR® labels from your new windows or patio doors.