Discover the benefits  of natural gas

It's natural for us to focus on the many advantages of natural gas. Natural gas is a reliable and safe solution for heating water and air and is a powerful force for good, bringing comfort and supporting development. Natural gas is the cleanest of all fossil sources of energy. It emits less CO2, fewer pollutants and fine particles, all responsible for smog, acid rain and global warming. It is therefore natural for us to consider natural gas as a source of inspiration when envisaging a future that is more blue.

Energy for quebec entrepreneurs

Blue contributes to Québec's sustainable economic development

Natural gas’s low price helps local companies to be even more competitive. By spending less on energy, they can invest more in their company, grow and provide jobs.

Heating with appel cores

Gaz Métro dreams of biomethanization

This process transforms organic matter, like apple cores, into renewable natural gas. This home-grown, renewable energy can heat the water and air in our homes and businesses, as well as power our trucks. Gaz Métro contributes to finding solutions in collaboration with our municipalities to highlight the value of this local energy.

Three trucks are better than four

Up to 25% less GHG thanks to blue

In Québec, the transport industry produces more GHG* emissions than any other. Natural gas offers an immediate solution to reduce the environmental footprint of heavy trucks. In addition to being 40% less expensive than diesel, Blue results in up to 25% less GHG. Here’s a resource that will put Québec on the right path.

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