Feasibility studies grant

This program helps defray part of the cost of a feasibility study covering energy efficiency measures. The study will be carried out by an engineering consulting firm accredited by Gaz Métro.

Benefits of feasibility studies

Reduce your energy consumption

By participating in this program you will be able to identify opportunities for improvement in your energy consumption. If you go ahead with implementing the recommendations of this study, your company will be able to reduce its energy consumption and costs.

Grant amount

Get up to 50% of the cost of the study 

Gaz Métro financial assistance amounts to 50% of the cost of the study before taxes for a maximum amount based on the annual consumption volume of natural gas.*

How to get the grant?

See the participant's guide

To learn the program's implementation steps and eligibility criterias, consult the Participant's Guide. You will find all the necessary information such as the description and objectives of the program, grant amount, eligibility criteria, implementation steps and forms to complete.


You may consult the Participant's guide and, afterwards, contact one of the firms accredited by Gaz Métro who will ensure that all the necessary documents to study your application are forwarded to Gaz Métro.

Accredited firms


* Certain conditions apply. Offer subject to change without prior notice. To learn the program completion steps and eligibility criterias, consult the Participant's Guide.