Connecting your building to the gas network

Natural gas is the preferred energy of an increasing number of Québec companies. It is the efficient, intelligent, economical and responsible choice. Here are the steps to connect your business to the natural gas network of Gaz Métro.

Your company must be located within a certain distance of the underground natural gas network to be able to be connected. Get in touch with the blue team to confirm whether service is available at your address.

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Once service availability is confirmed, a plumbing contractor – a Gaz Métro Authorized Partner – will contact you to arrange a meeting. During this no-charge, no-commitment, no-obligation meeting, we will be able to:

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Once you have accepted the project proposal, Gaz Métro will proceed with connecting your building to the underground gas network.

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We need to validate if your building is close enough to the natural gas network.

After your business is connected to Gaz Métro’s network, the Authorized Partner will proceed with installation of the natural gas piping system and your new equipment. He will also explain how each piece of equipment works. After that, a technician from Gaz Métro will activate the meter and ensure that the new installations are safe and secure. And from then on you can begin to realize profits from your decision.

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