We use the forces of nature to produce wind energy, a renewable source that is both powerful and reliable. The movement of the wind turbines generates mechanical energy that is transformed into electricity, providing an option that’s both clean and natural. Where there's wind, there's energy.

Wind energy—the choice is a breeze

The strong winds that blow at Seigneurie de Beaupré made it the ideal spot for us to build one of the country’s largest wind farms back in 2013, in partnership with Boralex.
Gaz Métro is also proud of its investment in Green Mountain Power, who owns two other wind farms in Vermont that alone produce enough energy to power 26,000 households.

The strong, silent type

Wind turbines can stand up to 139 metres tall, as high as a 36-storey office tower. But despite their impressive size, they barely make a sound. Even from just 500 metres away, the noise level is comparable to that of a library.

Source: Seigneurie de Beaupré

High-speed turns

The Seigneurie de Beaupré wind farm is one of the windiest places in Canada. In fact, the tip of a wind turbine blade can reach speeds up to 300 km/h—nearly as fast as a Formula 1 race car!

Wind-swept hills as far as the eye can see

Stretching over 1,600 square kilometres, the grounds of Seigneurie de Beaupré are three times the size of the island of Montréal.

Source: Seigneurie de Beaupré

Powered by the winds that blow

Together, the wind turbines at Seigneurie de Beaupré have a capacity of 340 MW. What can be done with that much energy? It can be used to play the same record for several years, or power 65,000 households.

Source: Seigneurie de Beaupré