Grants for Gaz Métro customers

Gaz Métro customers may be eligible for a number of grants upon purchasing natural gas appliances, whether they are additions or replacements. Grants are also available to help you implement energy-efficiency measures in your home.

It's the right time to buy new appliances! Until March 17, 2017


Replace your heating equipment with high-efficiency equipment and obtain a grant of up to $1600 towards the cost of purchase and installation.1

Save more!

When you replace your heating system, add or replace a natural gas fireplace or water heater as well and receive an additional $300.1

Available grants

Natural gas can be connected to many different rooms in a home to meet a variety of needs. Take advantage of your existing natural gas connection – which can be connected to just about every room in your home - to add appliances that will enhance your comfort and meet your needs. Select the appliances you are interested in and see what grants are available.

Available grants

Besides lowering your monthly bill, implementing home energy-efficiency measures could give you access to Gaz Métro grants. See the details regarding the programs below to find out about the available grants.

1 Certain conditions apply. The offer begins January 9, 2017 and ends March 17, 2017. To take advantage of this offer, signed contract must be provided before the end of the offer to the contractor responsible for the installation or the Gaz Métro representative. The offer takes into account the maximum amount available through various Gaz Métro financial assistance programs for heating systems. The offer applies primarily to commercial establishments, institutions and multiple occupancy rental units, and small and medium-size businesses using natural gas for heating with high-efficiency equipment (cooking appliances are excluded from this offer). The program is subject to change without notice and amounts may vary depending on the equipment installed and on building characteristics. To take advantage of an additional discount of $300, you must add or replace two different types of appliances at the same address.