Warm air furnace grants

Faster than electric baseboard heating, central heating systems provide even temperatures throughout your home for unmatched comfort. Convert your heating system and take advantage of rebates for the installation of a natural gas furnace.

Purchase and installation rebate

Enjoy a welcome rebate

Gaz Métro offers its customers a rebate of $1,200 for the purchase and installation of a natural gas furnace, no matter which model they choose. This is our way of welcoming you to “life in blue".*

from oil to natural gas

Take advantage of the additionnal Blue heating rebate

Are you heating with oil? Gaz Métro is also offering the Blue heating rebate of $2,000 toward converting your oil-fired system to a new natural gas one. A good choice for you and for the environment.*

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* Discount only applicable between June 16 and September 30, 2017, during the conversion to a natural gas central heating appliance. Additional discounts are available on the installation of multiple natural gas appliances. Enjoy our many savings! These discounts are available only to homeowners with central heating appliances. These programs are offered exclusively to residents whose homes are on the existing Gaz Métro natural gas network and not part of a new housing construction project supplied by Gaz Métro. Dual energy heating systems are not eligible for financial aids. The discounts cannot be combined with any other Gaz Métro promotion and may be subject to credit approval and eligibility for a natural gas consumption discount program and the energy efficiency program. These discounts do not apply to those building their own homes. The discounts are applied directly to the installation invoice. A financial contribution for the connection of your home to the natural gas distribution network is required and will be invoiced in the form of interest-free instalments of $12,50 (before taxes) for the next 24 months. Rebate equivalent to one year of FREE heating = This amount will be credited to you on your installation bill.The rebate is equivalent to approximtely one year of heating for a 1,700 sq ft house (1983 insulation norms) based on an average of prices in effect during the last 12 months. This amount may vary depending on equipment installed and other factors. Appliances must be converted from oil to natural gas. Some restrictions apply. This amount is subject to change without notice.